Sarah Pregnall, MMT, MT-BC

Sarah Pregnall in office.

Sarah Pregnall is an accomplished music therapist with extensive experience in both clinical practice and education. Since January 2007, she has been a music therapist at Prisma Health in Columbia, SC, where she specializes in medical and psychiatric music therapy. Her work includes working with adults with acute mental health needs, preterm babies and their families in the NICU, individuals with Parkinson’s disease, and patients with various medical conditions in a general hospital setting. Sarah also plays a vital role in guiding music therapy interns through their clinical training.

Before her career in music therapy, Sarah was a music teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in music education from Winthrop University, a Master’s in Music Therapy from East Carolina University, and is currently a PhD student in Music Therapy at Temple University. Her research interests, which mirror her clinical practice, focus on music and mental health, music and rehabilitation, and music’s role in fostering relationships and community building.